After an early breakfast, we pick you from your hotel/ residence and drive you to Mabira Forest Mabira Forest. The forest is located on the main Kampala-Jinja Highway, 54 km's from the city of Kampala and about 26 km's from Jinja Town.

You will take Jinja road offering en-route beautiful scenery featuring undulating hills covered with lush green vegetation, sugarcane and tea plantations.

The journey takes approximately 1 hour and by virtue of its location nature walks have become very popular for weekend visitors from both Kampala and Jinja.

We arrive at the forest center on the edge of Najjembe village approximately 500 meters north of the main road. We set out on a nature walk with the centre’s forest guide.


he forest has well established trails and is also home to over 315 species of Bird like the Nahan's Francolin, cassin Hawk Eagle, the forest wood hoope, the purple throated cuckoo, the tit hylia, the red headed blue bill and many more.


Some of these species can only be found in Mabira forest and nowhere else. It is truly an awesome experience for nature lovers.


Forest trees; </strong>there is a collection of various species like the Cordia Millenii, Melilla Exclesa, the Warbhugia Ugandenesis that are prominent for curing various infections i.e. medicinal plants.<

Mabira forest has 9 endangered species of mammals that not found anywhere else in Uganda and they include the short tailed fruit bat, Mangabey, baboon, colobus monkeys, butterflies and several birds.

Lunch break at a cool picnic site.

1400 Hours: After lunch continue with the nature walk and also visit the Griffin falls. This a small fall in the middle of the forest resulting into small water streams that peruse through the forest.


Other attractions include butterflies cropping up to 218 species and the 97 species of moths.


1600 Hours: Return back to Kampala.

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